Sunday, January 22, 2012

Play All Day Review

I attended the Play All Day event hosted by Shelby Dredge. If you haven't signed up for it in your area and were having second thoughts, sign up now. For $79.00 you get a lot for your money. You get a good cropping space, a relaxed atmosphere (we had 100 scrappers), an italian buffet lunch (we had mixed vegetables, soup, caesar salad, garlic bread, chicken breast, lasagna, coffee, tea, and carrot cake), two classes taught by Shelby (we did two really nice double page layouts and a card kit (that could be used for layouts or a journal if you aren't into cards and don't want to follow the class), plus she had on hand for sale a ton of single & double page kits, card kits, and Button Farm class kits! Shelby also did a bunch of giveaways. We also had the bonus of her husband, Steve, being the nicest guy in the world. That man carried peoples bags to their cars for them because of the snow. He and Shelby were gracious hosts, and the people at the crop were a friendly group. Having that much time to crop and all the other extras makes this a must go to event. So head on over to Embellish It and sign up for a Play All Day Event in your area.

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic crop! I am planning to go on a crop in March and I can't wait!