Friday, December 16, 2011

JYC 2011 - Day 16

I'm grateful for a select group of friends, that even though I don't get to see them all that often, I know they're there and really care about how I feel. I'm grateful for my health this holiday season. I've seen so many family and friends die this year, and others are sick, so having my health means a lot to me. I'm grateful that I had the greatest Dad in the world for 78 years. I so wanted him to be around like his father who died at 95. I feel cheated of all those years that he didn't get to live. If you know someone who is diabetic and they go in the hospital or a nursing home, watch their care like a hawk. Diabetics are neglected and aren't treated the way they should be. I'm grateful to be surrounded by a family that is large. A family that protects one another and loves one another through thick and thin. No matter how bad my own personal life may be at times, I know I always have them to help shoulder my burden. The yoke is lighter because of them. I am grateful that I have God in my life to lean on. I may question some of the things He does, but I know He's always there for me. I'm also grateful that I can see things that most people can't. It enabled me to feel some relief, but still the pain is great by my Dad's physical absence from this world. I am grateful to still be here. To breath the air, to walk the Earth, to watch my daughter grow.

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