Thursday, December 15, 2011

JYC 2011 - Day 15

We don't host much of anything at our house. It's small and when you get a number of family members in it, it gets cramped quick. We will be hosting the Christmas breakfast for the last time now that my niece has the newest addition to our family. This year is the first one without Dad. It's the first one with the first great-grand child, Ava. I will miss it being here next year as we have only hosted it for five years, including this year. I know my husband won't miss it as he doesn't involve himself too much in our family traditions. He's into his family and that's about it which is sad because he's missed so much by not being a part of ours. I'm hoping he changes. I'm hoping he sees what our family has to offer because he missed so much by not being a true part of our family all these years. He could have learned so much from my Dad. He could have had a second father in him. We will see what the future brings.

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