Monday, August 1, 2011

After CKC - Home Crop Idea

Okay, you've come home from CKC, or any other big scrap event, and you have all those class sketches and instructions. Once you're done your projects, what are you going to do with them. I save them in a book to use again on later projects. So does my friend who I went to CKC with for the past three years. And what I suggested was agreed upon by her that it would be a fun time. We could have a crop of our own at home, invite friends, and let people choose from the sketches what they'd do for that night. Of course the papers and embellies would be different, but having those step by step instructions with a photo showing the end result would make it so much easier. Some of the Creating Keepsakes classes kept the pages very simple so you could snap out several pages in one night with no problems. So use those class sketches with your friends and have a fun crop at home!

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