Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in the Life - Monday

Got up early as usual. Came downstairs and had a bowl of cereal, as usual. I putzed around a bit before getting Bink up and getting her breakfast. It was cereal, not her normal pancakes that she loves. My otherhalf has been on my case, saying that I feed our daughter crap. How many five year old eat bacon and eggs every day? He said she needs protein. She gets it from the chicken nuggets and the cheese she eats. I'm so sick of people telling me how to raise my DD. She's happy, healthy, smart, and beautiful, so I have to be doing something right. But no, he thinks I'm doing it all wrong. I can't wait to see what he gives her to eat the three days I go scrapbooking. How much do you want to bet that he feeds her toast and butter and Happy Meals. Psssst! After the morning arguement, he went to work, and I got us ready for errands. I went to the bank, then to the county clerk to get a form noterized, then off to the store for some milk and orange juice. Came home, did dishes, cooked dinner (I should have washed these dishes after, but I didn't. They can wait for tomorrow.), which he didn't eat like always when he came home, even though he nags me all the time that I don't cook for him. When I do cook, he doesn't eat it, or tells me that something's wrong with it. I can't win, so by this point, I don't care. Eat it or don't eat it. I went to Cardio Karate and core training, got a shower at the gym, then came home and gave Bink a bath before reading her a bedtime story (The Kitten Who Thought He was a Mouse, her favorite at this moment.), gave her a snack(Goldfish), then a quick bathroom visit, teeth brushed and off to bed. We always give one another hugs and kisses, and I tell her I love her more than all the stars in Heaven and all the chocolate in the world. She always laughs and then asks me what I think she loves me more than. Some nights it's more than the pink cupcakes, other nights it's more than chocolate kisses. Once she was all tucked in, I headed down to watch a little tv, surf the scrap blogs, and check my e-mail. By this point in the night, I'm tired, but of course I still have a snack. Tonight it was trailmix. High in calories yes, but at least it's good for me. Hubby gets home and I'm tired and tell him I'm headed off to bed. Of course when I'm exhausted, he decides he wants to talk. Ummmmm....noooooooooo. I'm tired and shuffle off to bed. Tired means tired. Tired doesn't mean I stay up for another hour and talk. If he really wanted to talk to me, he would have skipped going to the gym after karate and came home and spent some time with me. So that was my day in a nutshell. Busy as heck, but boring and common.

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