Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Explore - Day 7

Memory Sparks. It doesn't take much to spark my memory, but it's hard to get it on a scrapbook in such little spaces. I really should start doing hidden journaling so I can ramble on and on like I do when I'm talking. I have BettyJoitis as my family says. My Mom is BettyJo and she rambles on and on as well when she talks. I can talk about anything and everything from scifi to scrapbooking and I can do it non-stop. I can also vividly recall and talk about memories of mine from when I was three years old. I can tell you the way things looked, how it smelled, the sound of my Mom-Mom's southern voice as she yelled at my Pop-Pop for switching my cousin. There are so many memories that I could write about, but alas, I have hardly any photos of them. My parents and grandparents didn't take many photos. I think that if it wasn't for me, we wouldn't have had any from the time I was in my twenties. That's when I started my love of taking photos. I had Kodaks, Polaroids, and a nice Pentax K1000 that I saved up for. I took tons of photos of nothing at all you could say. I still do that and enjoy it even more. Trees, birds, the sky, family...a million memories in digital now, waiting to be printed or put on the net to view. I love photos, and I do love to talk, so maybe it's time I used my memory sparks, or in my case, explosions, and placed them down on paper so that they're not lost to time.

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  1. Bink will be glad you took all those photos to feed her memory sparks.