Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrapbooking is overpriced.

Of course I made the mistake of going shopping today for one little item at AC Moore. I needed some binder rings and got them for $1.79 using a coupon. Before I went to AC Moore, I went to Michael's to see if they had stocked matching Christmas embellies for the paper I bought last week. They didn't have them, but they did have Making Memories Autumn Splendor at 75% off. That's right, 75%. Plus the fall and Halloween items were 70% off. This is where you know that the scrap industry overcharges for their product when the retailers can drop the prices down so low. Why not sell them originally at a lower price so more people can buy the stuff?

For $26.19 I was able to buy the following product. If I had paid full ticket price I would have been charged $84.90. The markup is too much. They would gain so many new scrappers if they'd make the prices more reasonable.

Making Memories Autumn Splendor Spiral Journaling Book - $1.24 (originally $4.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor Ribbon Trims - $1.74 (originally $6.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor 4 X 6 Paper Mat - $1.49 (originally $5.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor Gratitude Clear Stamp Set - $1.74 (originally $6.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor Thankful Clear Stamp Set - $1.74 (originally $6.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor 12 X 12 24pc. Paper Pack - $3.74 (originally $14.99)
Making Memories Autumn Splendor 8 X 8 Leather Album - $4.49 (originally $17.99)
Making Memories Vintage Findings Medium School Kit - $1.74 (originally $6.99)
Recollections Autumn Acrylic Alpha Bet Set (2 packs) - $1.79 (.89 each - originally $2.99)
Wooden Coloring Craft - $1.00 - not on sale
Recollections Angel Stamp - $1.00 - not on sale
Recollections Merry Christmas Stamp - $1.00 - not on sale
Krylon Preserve It Spray - $3.49 (50% off coupon - originally $6.99)


  1. I agree! I thought it was just the UK!

  2. I'm using the 8x8 green Autumn Splendor album for my JYC -- I loved that line, and I got it for 75% off too! It's CRAZY.