Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Photos for JYC

I think I'll be taking an entirely different approach to JYC. I'm not going to do photos. I don't want to have to rush around and print photos to get them in my book every week. I'm going to doodle, stamp, or fussy cut stuff. This will force me to journal more and stretch my artistic side which doesn't get to play all that much any more. Hopefully it won't be a hot mess when I'm done with it. :)


  1. I like the idea..I am going to stick with one photo per page though.

  2. I think you're very lucky to be able to draw and doodle! I hope you will post your pages on the forum...I would love to see them! Even if it is 'a hot mess' (LOL) you will still have a genuine record of your christmas which your family will treasure!

  3. PS. I think I'll just stick to one photo though like Shelleycee above.