Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 10th

Yesterday was my Mom's 76th birthday. We had a lasagna dinner, cake, and ice cream over at my bother's house for Mom. It was a nice evening, but Dad not being there has left this huge void in our lives. He was a big presence and was loved by all of us, so him not being here to simply say Happy Birthday to my Mom was a big deal. I asked him last night to visit my Mom in her dreams and wish her a Happy Birthday, so hopefully he did. It's been a year since Aunt Ginger (my Dad's sister) died, a year since my Dad broke his hip, and a year since the surgery. Time has gone by so quickly. On the 17th, it will be four months since he left us. It seems like forty years to me. Love and miss you Dad. Happy Birthday Mom...we're all grateful that you're still here to share your birthday with us.

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