Thursday, December 15, 2011

JYC 2011 - Day 13

I find myself turning the station quickly to find another song. Some days I totally avoid Christmas music. All those songs do it remind me of the past. Of my childhood and those Christmas mornings when Mom and Dad would come out and turn on the radio before we came out to open our gifts. Those magical Christmas mornings are gone for me. I have no idea when they will feel good again. Ironically the only songs I can really listen to without feeling sad are those songs sung by people that I knew my Dad didn't really care for. The only song I can listen to that I do know he did like is "I Want a Hippo for Christmas" because he said he liked that song as a child. That he too wanted a hippo for Christmas all those years ago. I really hate this. I hate my Dad being gone and I hate being so sad at a time that I use to love the most and look forward to all year long. This sucks!

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  1. Oh hun, it's making me so sad reading all these posts of yours. I'm sure your Dad would want you to listen to those songs and remember the good times - and not want you to be so down.
    I really hope it starts getting better for you real soon.