Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of an Era :(

Tomorrow ends an era for me. My DD will be going to all day kindergarten. I am going to miss her being in pre-K. With pre-K I was as involved as I wanted to be. It was a co-op school and for three years I got to document all the parties, daily classes, and all that went into her shortened day at school. I watched her grow and learn. Now I will be only allowed limited views of her school days. I can volunteer to come in to read a book or two. I don't even know yet if I can come in on party days. The other hard part is my other half now expects me to work outside the home. I will be expected to do everything I pack into a normal day, drive her to and from school because the busing program the school district was supposed to supply never happened, and I'm expected to some how work during the day. I'm getting my substitute teaching license (total cost to get that is over $300.00) and there's no guaranteeing work due to it being a bad area for jobs. So I'm a bit stressed at the moment because that means if I work, I'll also have to see how much the latchkey program at the school will cost because I won't be able to pick her up or drop her off and get myself to the school that may want me to sub for them. I'm trying to do some other things to bring in money for myself. That's the main issue. He doesn't want to pay for anything I do. So if I want to play hockey, do scrapbooking, or send Bink to dance or scouts, I need to pay for it all. So there's the stress. All I can do is cross my fingers and see if I can get sub jobs at her school and the hours workout so I can still pick her up in time. And if I can sell some personal possessions, that would give me extra income. And my other little thing I'm going to do is try and write some children's books. Wish me luck, because like many of you out there, the road is going to be a bumpy one and any luck is better than nothing at all.

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  1. Its a tough call isn't it? :-( Maybe you could sell him that great beer bottle label you made for him ;-) I hope it all works out for you and that you get the balance right. You will still need to be there for holidays and illnesses and if he had to pay someone to do all the collecting and dropping off and the house hold stuff, he would find it VERY expensive I'll bet! Take care.