Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Gift or Not to Gift?

Are you like me? I make cards and gifts for people. The cards that I know someone will really love and appreciate are done with extra care. The cards that I know will be glanced at and tossed...well, they're generic and bland at times. When you know something is going to be trashed, you don't put your heart into it.

I made mini albums for people to put their photos and embellies in on their own two Christmas's ago. I'm always wondering what box they're in or if they've been put in the trash or dumped into a pile for the thrift shop. I've never heard or seen of them since they were opened or looked at by the receivers.

It almost makes me want to stop doing this. To stop making cards or gifts for people, when all I wonder is if they really appreciate them or not. I know some of the moms have kept gift tags with their child's names on them that I have made. They're really personal. I think maybe I'll stick to something like that in the future.

We love what we do, but not everyone else shares that love. How many of you have talked to people about scrapbooking and have them look at you funny or even laugh at you? I have and although I laugh it off at the moment, deep down inside, it does hurt. Having what you love to do be laughed at is like getting slapped in the face.

So, are you like me, or are you the lucky one to have friends and family who really love to open a package from you, knowing it might be something crafty. I hope you're not like me. It's so much better that way.

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  1. "Maybe you should save your efforts for those friends who you know will appreciate it. sometimes people do care but they don't know how to show it. I think I am in the lucky group - some of DD's friends' Moms have asked me to help their daughters with their scrapbooks. I'm thinking I might organise a little crafting afternoon at home for them over the holidays. Wish you lived near enough for me to invite you and Bink.