Saturday, August 6, 2011

Goodbye old building.

My DD's dance school is saying goodbye to the old building they had been in for the past few years. This dance studio is the same one my Mom went to as a child. And why are they leaving such a beautiful, large studio for a cramped smaller one in another town? Safety that's why. You see this studio is owned by a slum lord who won't fix the roof and now the walls are beginning to be damaged by the rain and moisture. The second reason is the hardest to deal with. The local neighborhood is loaded with ignorant people who have no respect for anything. They tear their houses up, throw trash in the streets, and they feel it's all right to come and vandalize the cars parked by the dance studio. So because one group of people have no respect for their own lives, they're ruining something good for people who actually care about their children and the arts. So another beautiful building will begin it's further decay and be just like the ones surrounding it. Empty and falling apart.

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  1. It's so sad :(
    I started taking Ballet for Adult Beginners classes last Feb, and love it! Can't wat for October to come back :)