Saturday, August 6, 2011

Explore - Day 12

Which do you choose first: colour or pattern?

I always choose my base page first. I'm kind of matchy matchy, so most of my pages pick up a color from the photo. I do love kraft paper for it's lack of color so that I can play around with everything else.

How many colours would you typically use in a single project?

It would all depend on the colors that I see in the photo or even the mood that I'm in while scrapping. On average I would guess I'd at least have five colors or more going on at once.

Would those colours appear in solids, single-colour patterns (like a subtle red on red dot) or multi-coloured patterns?

This would be determined by my photo, my mood, and more importantly, the designer/company of the paper. When using Echo Park, I prefer the bold patterns, but when I use Basic Grey, I tend to like the tighter floral or plant like patterns.

Do you prefer soft, deep, muted or bright tones of your chosen colours?

Bright tones are my favorites when doing happy layouts, but when doing the girly girl ones for my daughter, I do softer pastels a lot.

What colour do you avoid if at all possible?

I don't really avoid any color. Why limit myself when I have a rainbow to choose from?

Do you prefer colour or black and white photographs?

I 100% prefer color photos, but when doing a serious or retro layout, black and white looks really sharp.

When you work with colour, would you classify yourself as brave, predictable or something else?

I think I would be something else. I don't have a style that limits my use of colors. I'm all over the place with them.

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