Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boy it's a busy time of year!

You would think that with DD out of school for the summer things would have slowed down a little. Nope. Not one bit. If anything, they've gotten busier. Vacation Bible schools are coming up, play dates, library time, workout classes for me, dance class, once in a blue moon hockey, picnics, cleaning, getting all the paper work done for Bink's new school, getting all the paper work done for me trying to get a sub certificate...the list goes on and on. That's why I haven't been posting as much. So if I don't post, it's because I'm too busy with this thing called life to get on the computer here. Most of my computer time is spent doing family research lately too. TTFN and see all of you on the net when I surf the scrap blogs!

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