Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I said I would do it this week, so here it is. I have a little container of scrap goodies to be won. All I ask for is that you post here a link to one of your favorite scrap web sites or blogs and tell me why you like it/them so much. The only stipulation is it can't be one of the ones I already have listed here on my blog. I always like to look at cool scrap sites, and this is an easy way for me to see new ones. I'll pick the winner next Wednesday and post it here. Good luck and thanks for the new listings to explore! Oh and one final thing...sorry, but this is only open to people in the continental United States. The postage costs are a bit too high overseas and out of the country.


  1. There is a deal a day site I love called Crop Chocolate. You can actually save your purchases and check out later with multiple days for one shipping price, so it doesn't feel as steep as some of the other sites. They have things from brads to scrap organizer items and they are funny, too. Under each buy they run a comment section and women just write and write. It is truly a community.

  2. I like this site Christina is always using the latest crafting items and also has great videos.
    Another great site is TENseconds studios their videos rock!!