Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama is Dead

It's a sad day when we celebrate the death of someone, but when that someone murders people and directs other to take lives, then it's something that had to be done. Osama is dead and so are others within his immediate group. The bad part is now coming. You will have his followers going around and killing innocent people. They will kill children again without blinking an eye and they'll sleep peacefully after doing so. They are inhuman.

There's a second bad part to this too. We will all be keeping a watchful eye but there will also be people who will take it to an extreme and attack innocent people based simply on how they look or their religion. Please don't be one of those kinds of people. They're not responsible for the actions of that mad man any more than we're responsible for the actions of our politicians.

God Bless America and our military. Remember 911 and all those whose lives have been sacrificed here and overseas.

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  1. More sensible words were never spoken re: your second bad part. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Take care.