Friday, April 22, 2011

School Scrapbook

I started working on the school scrapbook for my DD's preschool and I'm cheating. I found a cute Hallmark pre-made school scrapbook at Big Lots and I'm using it as a template of sorts. Originally the school was supposed to give me the photos, but due to all the mess created by the former director, that's out. Now I'm doing it all at the last minute and will have to print the photos myself, but I don't mind because it's for the school. Anything that we do to keep the school going as normal is a direct slap in the face of that monster who tried her best to ruin it. Thank God for all the good people who stepped up and for the dedication of our teachers. Without all of us working hard together, the school would have closed. Instead our 4's class will be graduating in June and we're preparing the applications for next years classes. We still have a lot of work to do and are constantly seeking donations to keep the school up and running, but we will win the battle. Hard work and a lot of prayers will make sure of it.

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