Sunday, April 10, 2011

Philadelphia Voodoo

The Voodoo are a 30+ women's team that I play taxi for during the regular season and full time at this tourney and spring league. We won 2nd place at the Weekend Hockey Tourney at Ice Works against a young 20 something Canadian team. Always be leery of a Canadian team at a USA tourney that also happens to have Canadian refs. The calls were really questionable. We lost 1-0, but kicked their butts on the ice. It was great exercise, but I wish they wouldn't have gipped us on ice time. The periods were 10-10-12. Normal rec ice and tourneys are 15-15-15. I'm the one in the middle sitting on the boards with the Flyers jersey. I also wish I wasn't sick this weekend. I've had a fever, chills, and my throat feels like I'm swallowing glass. Oh, well. Next ice is next week, so I should feel better by then.

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  1. Wow! You all look so'd win hands down if I was playing! NB. I can't ice skate and I haven't played hockey since my school days!!! Hope your next match goes well!