Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogging for Scrapbookers - Day 1

I'm going to be one of those people who don't have much time to scrap right now, so all you're gonna' see if me keying in my random thoughts and my daily life and today you get a snapshot of my cluttered computer. Today was a normal day. Got up, got breakfast for me and Bink, gave her a bath and me a shower, headed off to the bank for my other half, stopped at the Dollar Tree to pick up a Diet Pepsi and some Hershey's drops, went to Bink's pre-school, dropped her off in the room with the other kids, and sat down to sort through receipts and bank statements for the school. After school we rushed home, got Bink dinner, dressed her for dance, took her to dance and while Bink had her fun, I sat out in the waiting area and sketched out a little kids books and story that I'm going to do an ePub book. Chuck came to the dance studio to take Bink home with him to the sitter because he had karate and I went to Pennsylvania for my hockey game. After my game, I rushed home, unloaded my bag and hung up my gear to dry, grabbed a snack, and now I'm sitting here, relaxing a bit before I get ready for bed. I really want to watch tonight's episode of House MD, but Chuck and our neighbor are playing a video game. I might stay up late to watch it, or get up earlier than normal to see it. So in a nutshell, this is a typical run around like crazy day for me. :)


  1. First day back after Spring Break is crazy, for sure. I think you're pretty regular at posting, so whatever you get done is great.

    On another note, I see that you have the full keyboard for your Mac. Does it bother you to have the cord? Do you know of any compatible wireless full keyboards that are worth the money? I'm desperate for a good wireless full keyboard but feel that I may have to cave and go with the cord. Any suggestions?

  2. Have just popped over from Shimelle's your Blog!
    Alison xx