Friday, March 18, 2011

Assisted Living Home visit

I took Bink to visit hubby's mother at the assisted living home she recently moved into after the passing of her husband. At 80 years old and in failing health this was her only option. This place is expensive, but has 24 hour care and is more like a really nice hotel than a nursing home. Today they had an entertainer come in and do St. Patrick's Day songs, etc. and it was really nice for them. Some even got up and danced and considering most of them are with walkers or wheelchairs, this was pretty good. The oldest resident is 102 and sure doesn't look it. There are some people that appear to be in their 60's and I feel bad for them not having a better quality of life at that age, but considering how there are people in worse condition than they are stuck in houses with little or no care, they have it darn good where they are. I'm always thinking about getting older myself and want a ranch home so I won't have climb stairs, but hubby wants to buy his mother's old house that's up for sale. I do not want a laundry room in a basement, and two bedrooms that are half the size of the small ones we already have. I still want the nice rancher I saw the town over from us. I'll win this argument, because the last time he picked where we live now. The house is small. If we would have bought the house I wanted, it would have been in a great school district and right down the road from most of my family, plus it would have been a beautiful, old victorian. Yeah, the stairs would have been a killer and we would have had to move when we got older, but it was lovely. Enough rambling, I need to do some things around the hosue.

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