Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day in the Life

Today was a typical day in my life. I got up early, got Bink and I breakfast, I got a shower, rushed off to buy a birthday gift for the party Bink was going to today, plus I did some general shopping. I rushed home, unloaded it all, gave Bink a bath, packed my hockey equipment, and got her dressed for the party she was attending. I rushed out the door, got to the rink, got dressed, played a kickass game (we won by the way, 4-3), rushed out of the rink to go to the Princess Party Bink was at...which I wish I didn't have to rush out because Cake Boss was filming at the rink. Yeah, Buddy and the rest of the crew were there filming. They made a cake for a Bar Mitzvah. The people rented out rink 2, the snack/restaurant area, and the party room. Someone said the cake cost $12,000.00. I can't imagine wasting that much money on a cake, but when you're rich, I guess you can blow your money on stupid things and not care. Because I had to leave, I didn't see the cake so I'll have to wait for that episode. Someone also said Buddy was supposed to gear up and have some shots taken at him by one of the owners (an ex-pro whose name I won't say just in case it isn't true). That is something I can't wait to see because if one of those shots hits him where the gear doesn't meet, he will be one hurting puppy. :) So I rush from the rink, get gas in the car, drive to the party which is about a half hour away. I get there to watch the last half hour of the party, talk to some friends I hadn't seen in some time, then leave there to go out to dinner at Applebee's with hubby and our little princess. Then I dash home, unpack my hockey gear, do the dishes, dry and put them away, call my Dad to see how he's doing (very well I'm happy to say), do two loads of laundry, undress Bink and get her ready for bed, call my Mom and talk to her and make sure she's okay, read Bink a bedtime story, get her to bed, and now I'm here on my blog recounting my day. This is a typical day for me and knowing some of you, your days are just as busy as mine so we can all relate. :)

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