Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today will be spent at my other half's mom's house. She and the man she's married to are in severe declining health, yet they refuse to move into an assisted environment. To be blunt, they aren't my favorite people, but I don't want them to suffer either. They need to sell their home and move somewhere so that they can get the twenty-four hour care they need. My other half thinks his mom is on her way out ie. dying. It's sad to see him having to deal with this. Losing a parent is something I don't even want to think of. He's already lost his dad over ten years ago, and now it looks like his mom is going to be gone. I know I sound harsh, but I think she's too mean to pass on so quickly. I think she'll surprise them all and be here for at least two or three more years. It will give them some much needed time to patch up some issues and maybe she'll be a little nicer too. One can only hope.

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