Sunday, September 12, 2010

American Crafts 6x6 Modern Chipboard Album Review

Their blurb on the web site:
Our modern albums with heavyweight chipboard covers allow you to customize your own with paper and embellishments. Modern albums are available in four of the most popular sizes. They offer the convenience of D-ring binding and the variety of nine vibrant colors. Each album includes 10 page protectors. 

My review:
This is totally worth the money if you want a quality binder that you can decorate. The d-ring snaps tightly shut with no opening so that your pages stay in the rings. I hate when a binder cracks open a bit, and then I have to reinsert the pages again...and again...and again.

The spine comes in eight colors giving you many options for holidays and daily use. The chipboard is heavy duty and is begging to be covered. The total length of the album is approximately 10 inches long and 6.5 inches tall. The depth is 2.75 on the spine, meaning you can stuff this little album way better than  you could when making a traditional 6x6 chipboard album or 6x6 postbound album.

It lists for around $7.00 on some sites and as high as $10.00 on others. I bought mine for $6.97 at a craft store in Lancaster, PA. Even if you end up paying $10.00 for it, it's worth the price for the quality of it's construction. The included 10 page protectors are a nice thickness.

I would give this little album five brads out of five. It's a winner!


  1. I'm afraid it costs even more in the UK....but I do find American Crafts products really good quality...and therefore worth the money.

  2. I was looking for these a month back to put my clear stamps in and couldn't find any!