Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I Insane?

I was checking the list of classes I'm signed up for at BPS...they do have some really cool free ones as well as the great pay for ones...and I noticed the one class is about to be closed. I was like...HUH? What?! Uh oh. So I started making a mini book instead of the bigger project listed in the class. I'm almost done it too. I kind of surprised myself by getting it almost done. How did I do it? I kept it simple. I wanted something cute, I wanted the class done before the cutoff date, and I had some really pretty 6x6 paper that I had been dying to use since I bought the little pad at CKC in King of Prussia this summer. Hopefully I will get the journaling finished and the little embellies done so that I can take the photos and post it to the class gallery tomorrow.

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