Saturday, August 28, 2010

Journaling in Your Own Words

Elle Studio had a class this past month called 'Journaling in Your Own Words'. I didn't have the time to do it, but they compiled their class in a free PDF and I downloaded it. I'm going to attempt to do this class in November. Why November you ask? Because in August I did the 'BPS Festival' and we went away on vacation. September I'm doing Shimelle's 'Learn Something New Every Day'. October I'm doing Lain Ehmann's 'LOAD'. December I'm doing Shimelle's 'Journal Your Christmas'. See now why I want to do this class in November. I like to keep busy. The class prompts motivate me to scrap. I still have a few pages to do from the 'BPS Festival' too. Got to love the internet for scrap class since we don't have a close LLS to go crop. Oh, and I get to go to the 'CK Scrap & Play' in Valley Forge in October! Yay scrappin'!         :-D

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