Saturday, November 7, 2009

A brave new world.

This blog is to host all things scrap, stamp, paste, or digital. I have another blog, but it clashes with my crafty world at times, so this will solve that problem. I was trying to think of all sorts of witty titles, but the one thing that came back to me was a favorite childhood memory.

Once a year our family would go out to dinner at a a really nice restaurant. This was back in the day when going to a fast food eatery was a special treat and not the norm, so a trip to a nice restaurant was special indeed.

When it had come time to eat dessert, I looked at the menu, pointed and said to the waiter, "I'd like to have the chocolate mousie." Of course everyone laughed because they thought it was cute. Me, I was embarrassed by my mistake, but I was thrilled when I got my dessert of chocolate heaven in a bowl later.

Thus is born the blog: Chocolate Mousie

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